Time to look at the Case Study Houses

Following WWII a small magazine in California quietly but boldly started rethinking what the meaning of what a house meant to post war America.  See here: http://www.artsandarchitecturemag.com/

For 20 years we’ve watched an explosion of technology and ideas and construction- some good, some bad- but the results are a bloated stew. 

It’s time to purge the system- take a hard look at what’s working and what isn’t. 

The Case Study Homes have been beaten to death (but still stand up)- but most all the re-visitors get hung up on the aesthetics or the novelty of their technology or systems, or get all weak in the knees at the big names.  What we’re going to do is to look at the recent “advances” and come away with a clear, focused understanding of what it means to be a modern residential architect.  What we’ll be seeking is to dig up the new people or firms or technologies that close the loop to clarify where we stand and where we’re going.

You’ve got to make a mess before you can clean it up- so get ready to get dirty.


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