But what does it LOOK like?

There’s a lesson to learn in the failures of architects efforts to “revolutionize” housing.  The failure comes when each good idea is accompanied by an additional subset of impositions that the designer feels entitled to impose on the theoretical owners.

Where we depart in our search for the new ideas is that we don’t care what the innovations LOOK like.  We’re evaluating the success on how well they work.  Architects are trained to worry about how things look.  But looks are subjective, timely, fickle, and pursuit of a universally accepted aesthetic is fruitless.

Henry Ford was not a genius.  He actually gathered a bunch of great ideas and wrapped them in a package that was easy for everyman to afford, to appreciate, and to see themselves achieving.   He didn’t offer options or the latest or greatest of anything- he wrapped competent technology is a package that someone with a horse and carriage could get their head around.

In the search for what the new house means we accept as a starting point that we don’t care what it looks like.  If it’s going to be a success it’s got to look “good.” 

But the housing has to work. 

So what works?  What does it WORK like?


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