Minutiae and Tiger Woods

“All I am thinking about is winning the tournament. Winning takes care of everything else.” -Tiger Woods

It applies to design, architecture, politics, life and love.

We often encounter people, trades, and life decisions that get derailed and distracted by the bits and pieces- so caught up in the little messy details- that they lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish.  This never ever means that you don’t need to clean up the messy details- you absolutely NEED to be mindful of the minutae-  But the focus needs to be the goal.  When you  focus on the goals it helps organize everything nice and neat.

Now in tigers case- he practices and practices and trains and plans and strategizes.  It’s not like he shows up at the tournament- takes the wrappers off some new clubs and lets her rip.  He actually has a big team of people scouting and planning, and moving his boat, and getting his clothes and more of a monster machine that would be hard to conceive-  but his and his team’s focus is on winning the tournament.  Everything he and his team do is about winning.

The concept takes a big murky blob of minutiae and reorients it into a black and white.  It’s a little like a magnet orienting a pile of iron filings.  Win= success.  Lose = failure.  Define clearly where you are going- and the little  things happen.

Our projects always have a skin of simplicity- but under the skin there is a terrific mast of planning, structure, technical coordination, material specifying, ordering, delivery, integration and interplay and on and on-  It’s a very complex road of careful arduous work to make something very simple.  Sometimes we run into contractors that THOUGHT at the outset they had a very simple task- and then they get up to their necks- and go “wohhhhh! You’re asking me to do so much! and this and that and blahhhh!!!” And we say- one step- you mr contractor do your one step.  Here is the result- the goal.  Here is the team working with you. Each person does his part and the machine will spit out the result.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s work.

So to sum it up- When things might look hopeless- return to what your goal is.  When you focus on the goal- everything else is easy.


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